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Hans and Sam Piss

Added: 2017-09-19

Asian boys Hans and Sam caress each other’s smooth bodies and lick one another’s hard nipples. Sam lets a long stream of urine flow over his legs and Hans’ belly. Then the kinky twinks rub baby oil all over their naked bodies and Sam lowers himself onto Hans’s hard cock, as they begin to bareback in the piss and oil. The youth’s oil covered slender bodies slide against each other, as Hans thrusts his hard cock into Sam’s ass. The deep penetration makes Sam need to urinate again, so he pisses on Hans’ back and into his hole. They move to the shower, where Sam sucks Hans’ cock, before taking him doggy style. The youths return to the piss soaked bed and continue their bareback fucking and golden showers. Empty of piss, the two jerk themselves off and pump warm cum onto their bellies. Covered in cum, they shower each other in warm piss.