Kinky Gay Asian Twinks Enjoy Hardcore Bareback Fucking and Pissing

Jed and Albert

Added: 2015-07-07

Asian twinks Jed and Albert strip to their underwear for an oil massage. Albert works Jed from head to toe and finishes off his treatment with a long relieving piss on his smooth butt. Then Jed rolls over to take some urine in his mouth. After soaking the bed, the boys exchange blow jobs, before unleash more streams of piss. Albert leans down for a sample of Jed’s yellow tonic, while stroking his cock to prepare for the bareback fucking that follows. After Albert has had his fill of Jed’s raw hole, the boys flip and Albert takes it up the ass. The twinks fuck in several positions, before jacking themselves off and rubbing their cum drenched cocks together.