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Johnson and Thomas Piss

Added: 2017-09-26

Johnson and Thomas are two kinky Asian boys who love having bareback sex. Johnson goes down on Thomas, which makes him moan with pleasure. Once it’s nice and hard, he lowers himself onto it and takes a raw anal ride. Then Thomas needs to piss, so Johnson opens his mouth and swallows as much warm urine as he can. Relieved of his pee, Thomas stands behind his friend and drives his hard cock deep into his tight hole. Needing to pee again, Thomas urinates on Johnson’s cock and balls, and aims a stream of piss into his sweet hole. Then he rams his cock in again, while stroking Johnson’s dick. Johnson takes hold of his dick and pumps his cum onto his smooth tummy. Johnson rubs the mixture over his silky smooth skin, as Thomas unloads his cum onto Johnson’s balls. Empty of jizz, Thomas pisses all over Johnson’s body, and uses the warm urine to wash the sticky mess off.